BIM Planning 

Computer Integrated Construction 

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at Penn State

Our goal is

to develop and disseminate structured procedures to plan and implement BIM on Projects and in Organizations.

‘Begin with the End in Mind.’

Planning Guides for BIM Implementation

Projects that implement BIM Planning leverage BIM for more purposes on a project and yield better quality and schedule outcomes.


To see the data, read  ‘Evaluating the Impact of BIM on

Project Performance’.

“Consistent planning yields predictable results.”

The CIC Research Program has developed multiple industry focused guides to assist project teams and organizations to plan for BIM adoption.  These guides have been developed in collaboration with many within the industry, and we are deeply indebted to our sponsors, advisory board members, and implementers who provide feedback.  The Guides have also been incorporated into the National BIM Standard - US, a product of the buildingSMART alliance.  We look forward to continuing to maintain the content within these guides, and expanding the work into new areas.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or wish to collaborate.

‘Focus on the Process.’

BIM Uses

There are many different uses for Building Information Modeling.  The BIM Project Execution Planning Guide outlines 25 uses, although there are certainly more than 25 uses.  The Uses of BIM document outlines an approach to identify, and clearly define, additional uses.  We have included brief descriptions of each of the 25 BIM Uses within the BIM Planning Guide on individual pages within this site.  These descriptions leverage the initial descriptions within the Guide, along with potential updates and additional references.

BIM Uses Details

‘A BIM Plan should be a living document.’

About Us

Penn State CIC

The Computer Integrated Construction Research Group was formed in the late 1980s.  Our team of faculty and students, in close collaboration with industry, has focused on research related to the implementation of innovations in technology, delivery methods, sustainability, and technology enhanced education and training.  

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Penn State OPP BIM Program

The CIC Research Program works closely with the Penn State Office of Physical Plant (OPP).  Penn State OPP manages the facilities for The Pennsylvania State University, a large, multi-campus university.  Penn State OPP has been a leading owner focused on embedding BIM within the delivery and facility management of  facilities at the University.  They have a separate website which contains their BIM requirements and many other links and additional content.

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