BIM Project Execution Planning Guide

Image of the BIM Project Exeuction Planning Guide Cover

New Version:  We recently released the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide as an online document.  The templates are embedded into this Guide and can be downloaded via links within the online document.  You can also download the Guide as an eBook for use on your computer or mobile device.  The button below will take you to the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, Version 2.2 (Aug 2019).  This version includes valuable updates to the Guide and Templates from Version 2.1.  A list of revisions is included on the revisions history page. 

New Online BIM Planning Guide Version 2.2 (Aug 2019)

Previous Version:  Version 2.1 of the BIM Planning Guide contains a PDF document of the Guide along with a folder with template files.  The Guide and Templates can be downloaded as a .zip file below.  This is the version that is incorporated into the National BIM Standard - US Version 3, and required by a number of contracts.

BIM Planning Guide and Templates - Version 2.1

The CIC Research Group is initiating a significant update to the Guide.  If you would like to join the update team or be a sponsor for this update, please send an email to John Messner.

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