BIM Uses 

“Begin with the End in Mind.”

BIM Uses by Project Phase





Existing Condition Modeling
Cost Estimation
Phase Planning
Site Analysis
Design Authoring
Design Review
Structural Analysis
Lighting Analysis
Energy Analysis
Mechanical Analysis
Other Engineering Analysis
Sustainability Evaluation
Code Validation
3D Coordination
Site Utilization Planning
Construction System Design
Digital Fabrication
3D Control and Planning
Record Modeling
Maintenance Scheduling
Building System Analysis
Asset Management
Space Management
Disaster Planning and Management

BIM Uses:

A New Approach

After the original definition of BIM Uses were developed for the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, an additional initiative was pursued to develop a more consistent approach toward defining the many potential uses cases for BIM.  A BIM Use taxonomy was developed and defined within ‘The Uses of BIM’ document, which defines BIM uses primarily by the purpose that they fulfill on a project, along with additional attributes for each BIM Use, e.g., the scope of work included, the phase within the lifecycle, the level of development of the model, and the discipline to perform the modeling.  These model use definitions provide an alternative to defining model uses per the original 25 BIM Uses within the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, and they have also been used within research and development activities, including the creation of the ‘Using Models in Construction: A Planning Guide’.  The core elements within the new approach are included in the figure below, and further information can be found in ‘The Uses of BIM’.

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